Concierge service helps create flagship property

Springfield House

Client: Grainger
Sector: Building reception Services (Residential)
Key Factors: Manned Security and Concierge

The Challenge: Grainger Residential Management needed comprehensive concierge provision for one of its properties, Springfield House, which has both residential and commercial tenants. The RUK team understood the need to transform the role from that of a standard security guard to a high-calibre Concierge, in order to manage the many roles needed to run the building. The objective of the enhanced role was to improve overall management standards of the building, through the implementation of new systems and best practices to ensure the comfort and security of tenants.

The Solution: RUK undertook an immediate holistic review of current work processes at the property to identify and understand what key measures needed to be put in place, working closely with the client to make sure that the extensive review would mean the appointment of this new team achieved the best possible outcome.

The review highlighted areas such as the fact that the current security guard held all of the keys to the 105 flats, as well as keys from other sites, all un-labelled, in one bag. And although he knew all of the information needed to run the building, no one else had access to any of this knowledge. Parcel delivery to tenants was chaotic, and communication was poor. Often tenants had no idea parcels had been delivered, as there was no notification system, and collecting them was difficult as there were no agreed systems for storage, meaning that tenants had to sort through whole piles of packages to find theirs’.

The RUK approach would include putting in place clear systems that meant key information could be shared, as well as introducing better organisation and handling of deliveries. RUK recognized that as well their efficient management of the recruitment process, an overhaul of operational systems would help ensure the smooth running of the building after the right team were appointed.

Having identified the specific areas that needed to be addressed and improved, RUK were able to create a profile of the ideal candidates for the team, and build a targeted shortlist of candidates for the client. RUK’s understanding of the concierge recruitment market meant that they recognized that the salary initially suggested would not attract the right calibre of candidate, and so were able to advise the client to offer a higher salary and improved working hours to ensure that the right people would apply for the role.

But for RUK, it was not just about getting the right people in place. As soon as the new team was in place, RUL worked closely with Grainger to implement the improvements recommended in their review, to make sure that the new team could operate to the best of their ability. The changes RUK implemented included a new key management system, a new internal mailing system for the building, and a trackable signing in system for all deliveries made to the building. Notifications are now provided for residents and businesses whenever deliveries were made whilst they were out.

The RUK team also created new, clear instructions for the client’s bespoke reporting system for future employees and all other building staff, ensuring that everyone was able to operate the system correctly. Grainger were so impressed with the instructions that they are now shared as standard across the all the client’s other properties which use this system.

RUK’s professional handling of the transition, and their dedication to implementing positive system change means that Grainger and RUK continue to work very closely together, with the on-site concierge team managing all aspects of the successful day-to-day running of the building. Springfield House is now one of Grainger’s flagship properties, and RUK’s involvement means that they are able to concentrate on growing and developing their portfolio.

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