GUK is  proud of the investment in training and development we extend to our GUK staff. After all, the success of GUK is down to how well equipped our staff are to carry out their duties.

We are committed to investing in training and development, at all levels, and we believe this is how we are able to consistently deliver an excellent service to our clients.

For both new and transferring employees we carry out a comprehensive training needs analysis (TNA), to identify areas of development that will then be delivered through an educational plan personalised to each GUK employee.

Training available for GUK staff includes:


Ongoing Training Programme

This follows a blended learning approach that mixes traditional directed education and Internet based self-learning. All employees are continually assessed to ensure they develop in their respective roles, can provide feedback to managers, and are have the chance to further their skills in areas of their choosing when appropriate.

Enhanced Security and Counter Terrorism

GUK has access to in-house specialists in counter terrorism who are security training accredited. Employees likely to benefit from these skills are enrolled on a counter terrorism presentation incorporating practical advice on taking steps to mitigate risks and recognise the threat of terrorist activity. Some training may also include additional hands on training such as on-site scenarios and drills.

GUK Training Academy

The GUK’s Training Academy is an online module-based training package covering all aspects of the security role including customer service management and can be tailored to each GUK staff member’s individual roles.

Enhanced First Aid

With GUK employees often serving as a first-responder to our clients, ongoing first aid training is a standard requirement for many. We offer FPOS-I certificated training and also in-house first aid training on-site during work hours. In areas where trauma kits are available, GUK employees will also be offered training on the use of these kits.

Banks Man

Should it be required we will provide training for personnel working with clients who need Banks Man support.

Fire Marshall

Should it be required, GUK employees will receive fire-marshal training.


High Performer Training

Our High Performer Training equips our security and reception staff with the tools to enhance their expertise and broaden their understanding. We inspire them to fully embrace our commitment to ongoing growth, striving to achieve their utmost potential.

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