Security team liaise with local residents and build successful reactive security presence

Client: Residential Management Group (RMG)
Sector: Residential
Key Factors: Security, Caretaker provision and night patrol

The Challenge: A residential village with five locations across the Isle of Dogs, operated by RMG, needed support to enable resident safety and property security. Some of the locations were unmanned and had issues of loitering, criminal damage and trespassing. There was no budget at three of the locations for additional measures.

The Solution: Once on board GUK immediately put into plan a neighbourhood watch scheme to immediately build links with the community and build a reactive service. Residents were given a helpdesk number that they could use to contact the patrol service in their area, should they notice any criminal behaviour. The patrol teams could then react faster than the local police force and catch criminals in the act.

During daylight hours a representative of the security team was on hand as a liaison with the residents to answer any questions and help with any concerns.

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