Employee of the Year – Krzysztof Sosnowski


GUK are delighted to announce that Krzysztof Sosnowski has been awarded Employee of the Year 2018.  He was chosen to win this prestigious award from a panel of senior managers after he was nominated for his achievements throughout 2018.


Krzysztof works as a supervisor at The White Collar Factory in Central London and has been an instrumental part of this site since its re-development in early 2017.  He has been a key part in the transformation of this site, from a building site into a modern, attractive building.  Krzysztof has exceeded in all areas of service excellence and is highly regarded by his peers and managers for his enthusiastic approach to his work.  He has gone above and beyond to support his whole team and the wider stakeholders involved in the security provisions. With service excellence at the forefront of his mind he often exceeds our client’s expectations.  Krzysztof takes charge and finds innovative solutions to difficult problems, making The White Collar a pleasant environment for all involved.


Congratulations Krzysztof and thank you for your service excellence