Covid-19: GUK & RUK Show Why Training is Key in a Crisis

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, we saw our front of house services hit the most due to office closures and home working. Many sites were temporarily reduced to one receptionist. A Building Manager at one specific site, who formed part of the wider RUK team was a vulnerable individual and it was deemed

Covid-19: GUK Head Office Adapts to New Ways of Working

Here at GUK, our Head Office and operational commitments have continued throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The security and protection of our buildings whilst supporting our clients and staff has been our top priority. It has been essential for us to adapt quickly in an ever-changing environment. We’ve continued to provide security and service solutions for

Covid-19: GUK’s Strategic approach to Leicester Local Lockdown

Our strategic approach to planning for a second lockdown meant that our teams were ready and waiting for immediate dispatch as soon as the second lockdown was announced in Leicester. Our team of strategic planners had already highlighted areas which were at particular risk of a second lockdown, and team leaders in these areas were

Covid-19: GUK Expand Mobile Security Provision

Lockdown restrictions have meant many businesses faced the prospect of their premises being empty for a prolonged period of time. With demand for mobile patrols across the UK increasing by 20% overnight when lockdown came into effect, GUK were able to respond by rapidly increasing our fleet to cover the additional requests, whilst also maintaining

Covid-19: GUK’s Reactive Solution to Fly-Tipping

Many areas of the country have experienced a sharp rise in fly-tipping over the past few months due to a reduction in waste disposal services during lockdown. It’s a common problem that can cost a company millions of pounds to resolve, so when a GUK client sought help we were quick to investigate. We first