Securing Hospital Site

A landmark hospital in North London had undergone considerable development over the past 12 months and as such required a sophisticated security solution, one that protected the site whilst also ensuring that the client’s budget was not adversely impacted. The site had long been abandoned and showed signs of fly-tipping, alcohol and drug use, as well as evidence of rough sleeping. There were several buildings on the site which also needed to be secured, with windows and doors boarded to prevent unauthorised entry.

Our Proposal:
This was a large site with several out-buildings and a poorly managed vegetation. We therefore recommended the following security measures:

• Deployment of one of our V-Ceptor hybrid towers
• Deployment of 3 Video Verification Towers
• Boarding of all doors and windows using steel sheets
• Placement of concrete barriers along the site’s perimeter
• Erection of security fencing enclosing the entire site

The video verification towers were equipped with the latest in video verification technology, which when combined with the cutting-edge sophistication of the Bosch Dinion 600IR cameras on the V-Ceptor tower, ensured that the site was comprehensively covered by our 24/7 monitoring station.

The entire site was quickly and effectively secured with support provided by our rapid reaction mobile teams.

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