GUK presence creates safe family-friendly environment

Client: Jones Lang LaSalle
Sector: Leisure
Key Factors:
Crime reduction, visitor safety

The Challenge: Jones Lang LaSalle required a new approach to security services in order to counteract anti-social behaviour and violent activity at the Royal Leisure Park in Acton. Daily disturbances were breaking out due to a growing youth attendance at the bowling alley and large numbers of young people leaving the cinema all at once, which co-incided with restaurant-goers arriving, damaging the leisure park’s reputation as a friendly, relaxed and safe environment.

The Solution: GUK provided an experienced day supervisor who advised the tenants of the timing issues and requested an initial three-strong team of customer service-focused door level security staff. A night team concentrated on engaging positively with all customers especially during the most problematic hours. This increased security presence helped to prevent and reduce anti-social behaviour and to quickly stop small issues developing into bigger problems.

As the team’s reputation with the tenants had grown, GUK was able to reduce the size of the team on site. Confidence restored and site secure; customers returned, re-establishing Royal Leisure Park as a family-friendly destination.

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