GUK launch bio-metric key management system


2018 focused on re-investment for GUK.  The introduction of new bio-metric key cabinets for our mobile response division ensure improved audits, tracking, accountability and compliance.  The cabinets use fingers prints to identify pre-determined users access to isolated keys, maintaining ultimate levels of security at all times.  The benefits to our clients include:


Key Issuing:                 Biometrics ensures full control of what keys are issued to what people at what times

Central Control:           Administrators can access the system remotely if needed, reducing delays

Accountability:            Key users will have a higher level of accountability to management

Traceability:                Audits are accessible at the push of a button, reducing the risk of key loss

Automated process:   Reduces the risk of human error as keys are automatically signed in and out

Alerts:                           Curfew alerts if keys are not returned within a pre-allocated time frame

Money saving:             Saves money replacing keys and locks, due to misplaced, lost or stolen key


Our bio-metric key cabinets have the flexibility and scalability to benefit any size organisation, allowing highly compliant key management solutions at all times.