Covid 19: How GUK Provided an Innovative Security Solution to Combat Antisocial Behaviour

Many businesses saw a sharp increase in antisocial behaviour following the easing of lockdown restrictions, including one of our clients. They approached us when their tenants began to express concerns over antisocial behaviour and a lack of illumination at night, which was leading to a fear of crime.

The client had no power source, so it was down to GUK to provide an innovative solution. We carried out a full assessment of the site before presenting the client with a cost-effective way to solve the issue: by installing PIR-activated Solar Sentry lights.

Using power from the sun, these 2400-lumen lights are an eco-friendly solution that use Passive Infrared sensors activated by body heat. We successfully installed them at the site, leaving the tenants feeling much safer when moving around the property at night, deterring unwanted individuals outside the building, and resulting in one very happy client.