Covid-19: GUK’s Strategic approach to Leicester Local Lockdown

Our strategic approach to planning for a second lockdown meant that our teams were ready and waiting for immediate dispatch as soon as the second lockdown was announced in Leicester.

Our team of strategic planners had already highlighted areas which were at particular risk of a second lockdown, and team leaders in these areas were fully briefed on their action plans before any official announcements were made. Our preparation included the planning of additional patrol routes and assigning dedicated vehicles to the clients who required them, and team leaders ensured all drivers had their essential worker letters, as well as their GUK ID and their SIA Licences.

The team of mobile security drivers who had been on standby in the Leicester area were therefore immediately able to respond to the influx of mobile security demands, as well as continuing to deliver our usual high quality mobile security services to existing customers. Our carefully planned response meant that the GUK fleet were the first security vehicles to be dispatched around the city.