5 ways company values are key to business success

Strong company values are the foundation of any successful business. Regardless of the industry we work in, company values act as a set of standards that guide the way we operate – from the way we work alongside employees, to the way we communicate with our customers.

A strong set of company values drives a business in the right direction and has been closely linked to financial performance and employee satisfaction. That’s why it’s vital to set the right company values from the start, and to check that every business decision we make along the way has our company values at heart.

Why strong company values are key to success

  1. Company values create a positive company culture
    When it comes to making decisions in a business, there are usually multiple stakeholders – and often conflicting opinions to bear in mind. Company values make it easier to reach a decision because they get us working towards a common goal. And from that common goal comes a clear company culture – the why and how of a business – which shapes the employee experience day-to-day.
  2. Company values attract the right people
    Having clear company values, and therefore a defined company culture, lets potential employees know if a company’s values align with their own. Candidates look for workplaces with values that match theirs, so making these abundantly clear takes the guesswork out of the recruitment process. Mismatched values and an unhealthy company culture will put off top talent, so it’s important to get this right.
  3. Company values set us apart from the competition
    Because the values we choose for our business are unique to us, they help us to stand out from the crowd. What makes one company tick will be different to the next, which is an important differentiator to clients and customers. That’s especially important in a saturated market and in times of fierce competition, when having strong values – and most importantly, living by them – is an important way to stay visible.
  4. Company values help us communicate with customers
    Just like employees choose companies with similar values to their own, clients and customers do the same. Having a clear set of company values enables us to communicate our beliefs and principles externally, so that customers know what we’re all about. In much the same way as our values shape the way we communicate internally, they form our outward-facing ethos, too.
  5. Company values ultimately lead to growth
    Laying down strong foundations in the form of core values gives us a robust base for future growth, because they determine everything from the people we recruit, to the customers we attract. Plus, having a clear set of company values to refer to as we evolve over time means we can grow our business without losing sight of what we truly believe in.

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